A play about women on the forefront of a movement for a democratic Belarus, women with an unflinching and unswerving dedication to the truth. One is Irina Khalip, the PEN Pinter prize-winning journalist, arrested in Belarus for her coverage of Lukashenko’s regime and described by Sir Tom Stoppard as, “the writer I wanted to be”. Journalist Natalya Radina was also imprisoned after the presidential elections of 2010. Amnesty International named her a prisoner of conscience and demanded her release, as did the Committee to Protect Journalists. Today she lives in exile in Poland and continues to act as editor-in-chief of Belarusian independent media portal Charter 97.



Intense and highly watchable. It gives a sense that the information it imparts simply needs to get out, in any way possible 
 The Washington Post

BFT’s new play, Time of Women, shows their work at its most potent
Financial Times ★★★★

Consistently interesting not least for the way it demonstrates the mind games oppression plays
 The Guardian



Time of Women by Nicolai Khalezin and Natalia Kaliada

Director: Nicolai Khalezin


Kiryl Kanstantsinau

Maryia Sazonava

Yana Rusakevich

Maryna Yurevich

Composer: Arkadiy Yushin

Lighting & AV Designer: Will Reynolds


Performed in Russian with English surtitles


Running time 1 hr 25 minutes


Time of Women was first performed on 19 December 2014, underground in Belarus. UK premiere in London, November 2015 as part of Staging a Revolution. Developed at Falmouth University’s Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA).