‘Art matters. And it's hard to think of a theatre company that has proved that more than Belarus Free Theatre.’ Huffington Post

‘Hard-hitting, essential and furious, BFT keep political theatre alive and kicking.’ The Guardian

‘Every time they perform, it is a clear victory for artistic freedom and human rights.’ Kevin Spacey

‘The world’s most visible and lionized underground theater. The company has a visceral power, a thrilling necessity-born inventiveness and an urgent topicality that is rare in theater today.’ – Ben Brantley, NYT 

'BFT is getting very seriously noticed in many ports around the globe. Nothing, surely, could annoy an absurd European dictator more.' - The Spectator 

‘For the BFT, political theatre is not a genre, but a necessity.’Vanity Fair   

‘Their reputation proceeds them, a guerrilla troupe forced to perform in secret before being exiled from their homeland. Belarus Free Theatre’s production might make you angry, hopeful, or horrified, but their work certainly cannot be ignored.’A Younger Theatre   

‘Storytelling—powerful, human, and moving—is at the heart of BFT productions. A David among theatre companies, BFT is facing Goliath—and triumphing.’ ’ - American Theatre