Eurepica. Challenge. is an attempt to create a new European epic using contributions from playwrights from 14 countries (Sweden, UK, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Poland, the Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Macedonia, France, Spain and the USA) on the main challenge for their states.

Promising an unsettling, whistlestop tour around the world, Eurepica.Challenge. sheds a compellingly honest light on the struggles they face.


‘“Eurepica. Challenge” … displays the surrealism and humour that are integral parts of the Free Theatre’s approach. It should be seen by those interested in theatre and in fundamental freedoms alike.Ian Shuttleworth, The Financial Times,

‘It’s hard not to applaud this fearless, tireless company – but that’s not the only reason to see Eurepica. Challenge which brings together 12 short plays from Europe, Russia and the US.Maxie Szalwinska, Metro



Directed and adapted by: Vladimir Shcherban



Pavel Haradnitski

Yana Rusakevich

Aleh Sidorchyk

Anna Slatvinskaya

Dzianis Tarasenka

Maryna Yurevich

Esther Mugambi

Stephanie Pan

Sonja Birghit Berg


Original cast included: Anna Solomianskaya


Dramaturgically adapted by Nicolai Khalezin 

Costumes and stage design: Nicolai Khalezin, Vladimir Shcherban and Natalia Kaliada 

Composer: Sergei Nevski

Sound: Laur Biarzhanin (DJ laurel)

Lighting/Video: Irina “Yaro” Yaroshevich

Concept and Producers: Natalia Kaliada, Nicolai Khalezin

Assistant Director: Svetlana Sugako 

Production Assistants: Viktoryia Biran, Yuliya Shauchuk, Siarhei Kvachonak 


Partners: Municipality of Lund and Manteatern 



France – Jean-Pier Thibaudat

Russia – Vyacheslav Durnenkov

Sweden – Anders Duus

Belarus – Nicolai Khalezin

England – Paul Rigel Jenkins

USA – Aaron Landsman

Spain – Angelica Liddell

Germany – Christian Tschirner

Latvia – Aleksey Scherbak

Romania – Stefan Peca

Macedonia – Goran Stefanovski

Ukraine – Anna Yablonskaya

Turkey – Özen Yula

Poland – Michal Walczak


Running time 3 hours with interval

Performed in English and in Russian with projected subtitles